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Guided Exhibition with Yelena Sindyeyeva (O.Leitner), Olesia Rybchenko and Valeriia Rybchenko (T)
Guided Exhibition with Yelena Sindyeyeva (O.Leitner), Olesia Rybchenko and Valeriia Rybchenko (T)

Thu, Jun 23



Guided Exhibition with Yelena Sindyeyeva (O.Leitner), Olesia Rybchenko and Valeriia Rybchenko (T)

The Exhibition "The Ray of Light" was compiled from the works of young artists of Ukrainian origin. The participants of the exhibition are Yelena Sindyeyeva, Olesia Rybchenko and T. They have tried different styles and used different media in their creative practice.

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Time & Location

Jun 23, 2022, 1:00 PM – Jul 15, 2022, 9:00 PM

Karlsruhe, 11, Kaiserpassage; Karlsruhe, Germany, 76133

About the event

Olesia Rybchenko, T ( Valeriia Rybchenko) and Yelena Sindyeyeva (Olena Leitner) at DASARTI Gallery show the high level of artistic skills. This exhibition offers Ukrainian artists a new opportunity to develop their creativity and share their artistic experience with the German audience.


These works can be divided into three separate groups, where each part of the project is connected by a common idea - longing for light and hope. In the artworks we can trace the line of an innovative, new visual language through which the audience recognizes the main concept of the project. The viewer can experience this artistic dialog in works such as "Abandoned Pipe" and "Dog Kiss for a Memory" by T, "Abstraction. Yellow" by Olesia Rybchenko and "Polyphony of the Big City" by Yelena Sindyeyeva. The national characteristics are also reflected in the media of T, who combines unique Ukrainian textiles with color in her practice. During the exhibition, every art lover will have the opportunity to get acquainted with young artists whose works are presented through paintings.


The artworks of Yelena Sindyeyeva show a pure combination of impasto brushstrokes with free areas of the canvas, where both texture and surface create incredible effects of depth and free lines. The novelty of this series is that she uses fluorescent colors. About the subject, it should be said that Yelena's works reflect a lyrical attempt to recover the lost aestheticism. These artworks were created as a first experimental result after the experience with the German culture and especially the media of mapping - showing light effects on the architecture of the Karlsruhe of the Karlsruhe Castle. Yelena likes to experiment with techniques without moving away from the technique, which is clearly reflected in her latest series.


Olesia Rybchenko's latest works combine artistic visions through color and dynamism. These new series, created in an expressionist style, are in individual triptychs in the colors yellow, orange, pink and blue. The vibrant lines and vivid colors lead the admirer of art to the main goal - to think about the near future, which is still unknown. The vibrating lines seem to be cramped in the canvas, looking for a way to break out like the artist's emotions. These series bring a new visual language that may seem very contradictory at first glance. The combination of tangerine, moss, chartreuse, hot pink and ochre colors creates a new visual language that contrasts with the artist's previous series, which were strongly influenced by closure. The works of the new series call for love of life to love of life, with Olesia actively promoting the victory of light over darkness and the creation of peace for humanity.


In these selected artworks by T, the viewer can clearly see an artist going back to her roots. going back to her roots. By combining the theme of Trypillia culture with peculiar objects, she tries to emphasize the main theme of her artistic research. Imaginary figures kissing, female pagan idols, violins and lambs reflect the variety of forms and images she has used in her practice and imagery. and imagery. The images of female nudes painted on the wicker tablecloths remind us of the figures of statues without hands gazing at the viewer. T shows the new language of symbols with zoomorphic creatures, the embodiment of birds with the human head on a background of a chessboard. The main idea that runs through all the artworks is a dream-fantasy, a fictional reality and particular actions within it. The events in the different paintings are interconnected, sometimes there is a return of the figures to certain situations and events. The images that T uses in her works come from her dreams, which she draws every time she wakes up. In these images, she tries to convey a sense of calm and static. The artist sees it as a process of figurative transition to a more graphic style. The artworks created in the last period show the research reflected in new materials and techniques used to create the works. By working with the new images, T creates a new fictional world consisting of images and symbols that invite the viewer to engage in discussion and dialog.


"Der Lichtstrahl" is a unique opportunity for the German public and collectors to get acquainted with artworks by young artists at DASARTI Gallery in Karlsruhe and to experience the new conceptual approaches reflected by the artists in their latest series.

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