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Visit the new Art Cafe in Karlsruhe!


Art Cafe


The Art Cafe DASARTI is a conceptual space in the heart of Karlsruhe in the Kultur-Kaiserpassage.

Karlsruhe impresses with its modernity, the development of urban infrastructure, and its technology. Our Art Café is a sophisticated and modern highlight in the city.

In the new Art Café, you can expect not only delicious coffee variations but also a unique ambiance. You will find contemporary art objects that invite you to marvel and linger.

Welcome to the new Art Cafe!

The true art of pleasure!

Dear guests,

Welcome to my art space, my Art Café, my inner world.

This Café is much more than a place to drink coffee and eat a piece of cake - it reflects my soul and my creative vision. It's a collective image based on my own experiences, creative individualism, and inspiration.

I wanted to create a place where art and music permeate the air, a place where interesting and creative people can meet and share ideas. This Art Café is the space for individual expressions and tastes; everyone who immerses themselves becomes part of a lively creative network.

The installations within the space will be themed, so each time you visit, you'll discover a café you already know and love in a new environment. A place of constant change; I invite you to be a part of it and watch as the art grows, changes, and adapts to your needs over time.

I hope everyone will find something that inspires and brings them joy. In my opinion, this is the ideal place to experience the atmosphere of love for art and music.

See you soon!

Yelena Sindyeyeva (Olena Leitner)

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Whether with friends, family, or alone - the Art Café DASARTI is the perfect place for enjoyment and inspiration.


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Be inspired by art while enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of a gourmet beverage. Art lovers and gourmets alike will find satisfaction here.

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