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Visit the new Art Cafe in Karlsruhe!

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The DASARTI Art Gallery is a modern, well-equipped space featuring works by contemporary artists, sculptors, media artists, and designers.

Artists exhibiting here are chosen for their artistic originality, technical excellence, and the aesthetic and emotional value of their work. Situated in the Kultur-Kaiserpassage in

Karlsruhe, the gallery was inaugurated in 2020 by the artist and gallerist Yelena Sindyeyeva (Olena Leitner) and Thomas Rühle, a philanthropist from Karlsruhe.


The DASARTI Gallery comprises two halls — red and blue — and a small wine-red space hosting a bar with a library. It is equipped with modern professional lighting for galleries and museums from the German company ERCO (Eclipse InTrack series).

Exhibitions and events at DASARTI Gallery consistently captivate guests with their uniqueness, warm and creative atmosphere, and unconventional solutions that adeptly express the essence of art exhibitions.


We aspire to cultivate a new generation of artists deserving of prominence in the art market. Whether emerging talents or already featured in esteemed collections, they all share a common thread—undeniable talent and potential.

Our mission is to actively support them in their artistic pursuits, elevating their visibility, recognition, and reputation. We are committed to fostering strong connections with both artists and collectors.

Our goal is to aid in the development of their artistic sensibilities and the gradual expansion of their collections. To achieve this, we provide a suite of personalized services, including advice, guidance, and individualized art installations in galleries or homes.


Embark on a passionate aesthetic adventure with us; your presence is warmly invited!


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