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Visit the new Art Cafe in Karlsruhe!

Art Club


The Art Club DASARTI is a cutting-edge, conceptual art venue situated in the cultural hub of Karlsruhe within the Kultur-Kaiserpassage.


At the core of the Art Club is a masterful fusion of contemporary music and art exhibitions.


This unique combination offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the complete artistic experience. They can enjoy refreshments, music, and the visual ambiance, surrounded by paintings, sculptures, and other art objects.

Escape from everyday life in a contemporary bohemian style!

Our Club is a unique, artistic, and festive place.

Discover the magic of its atmosphere, order your favorite drink, and let the music carry you away.

I invite you to visit our Art Club DASARTI!


Yelena Sindyeyeva (Olena Leitner)

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As a place of cultural blend, intriguing encounters, and exchange, our Art Club DASARTI opens its doors to you!

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