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Visit the new Art Cafe in Karlsruhe!

Art School 


The Art School DASARTI is a place for conceptual and modern art, situated in the Kultur-Kaiserpassage.


In the heart of Karlsruhe, our school provides an inspiring learning environment in continuous interaction with various artists.


Immerse yourself in the world of creativity with us!

Drawing and painting master class

Would you like to indulge in a high-quality artistic masterclass?


We arrange courses on various topics for you.


Our drawing and painting masterclasses empower you to delve into a specific medium, scrutinize a painter's method in detail, enhance skills in live models or morphology, partake in an outdoor course, and much more.

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We offer high-quality painting and drawing courses conducted by experienced and qualified artists.


Our masterclasses cater to both beginners and experienced draftsmen.


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We can also organize a course on a topic of your choice.

We provide services entirely tailored to your needs.

Do you have any questions or would you like to learn more about our offerings/prices?

Contact us!

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