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The Exhibition "WIR"
The Exhibition "WIR"

Thu, Dec 22



The Exhibition "WIR"

The exhibition of German and foreign artists (from the USA, Iran, Ukraine and Austria) is organized by the DASARTI Art Gallery with the support of Karlsruhe entrepreneur Thomas Rühle.

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Time & Location

Dec 22, 2022, 7:00 PM – Jan 22, 2023, 10:00 AM

Karlsruhe, 1, Kaiserpassage; Karlsruhe, Germany, 76133

About the event

The Exhibition of German and foreign artists (from the USA, Iran, Ukraine and Austria) is organized by the Art Gallery DASARTI with the support of Karlsruhe entrepreneur Thomas Rühle.


The unprecedented concert & exhibition "WIR" will open on December 22, 2022 at 8 pm in the Kaiserpassage (1, Kaiserpassage ).


The exhibition features works by artists from the DASARTI Gallery collection (1980s to 2010s) as well as works by contemporary artists.


The exhibition is entitled "WIR". The main aim was to show the relationship between past, future and present, to unite the contradictions, to surprise and make everything disappear and to have fun with musical and artistic performance.


The contemporary world of culture and art is simply not possible without open-mindedness, new ideas, interdisciplinary collaboration and cooperation.


The Karlsruhe Art Academy is a pioneering center for art and education in Germany and throughout Europe. The academy has produced an entire generation of artists. That is why the DASARTI Gallery includes the works of adult graduates and young students of the academy in the exhibition.


The event takes place in the iconic Kaiserpassage, which once housed the clubs "Monte Cristo" and "Kiwi" (large hall) in the basement and the famous cafeteria (small hall) on the first floor.


The small hall presents works by classical painters from the last quarter of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. The works are by Häuser Harald, Jäger Bärbel, M, Rados, Scherrer Ralf, Wiesner Juergen and Kitchell Peter. As well as several contemporary works: Shirin Rosa Bahredar, Rybchenko Olesia, T, Sindyeyeva Yelena (Olena Leitner).


This event is a pilot project that will be further developed and realised as spontaneous art concerts and art events.


Guests: Mayor Dr. Albert Käuflein and Thomas Rühle.


Curators: Yelena Sindyeyeva (Olena Leitner), Olesia Rybchenko.


Artists: Häuser Harald (Germany), Jäger Bärbel (Germany), Wiesner Juergen (Germany), M (Germany), Rados (Germany), Scherrer Ralf (Germany), Milukovs Nikita (Latvia), T (Ukraine), Rybchenko Olesia (Ukraine), Kitchell Peter, Sindyeyeva Yelena (Austria), Shirin Rosa Bahredar (Iran).


Music: Djs GALACTIC & RAVIN, and Dj Markus Kleemann

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