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The Exhibition "KRAFT"
The Exhibition "KRAFT"

Fri, Nov 25



The Exhibition "KRAFT"

DASARTI Gallery invites you to the opening of the Exhibition "KRAFT" on November 25, 2022 !

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Time & Location

Nov 25, 2022, 10:00 PM – Dec 11, 2022, 5:00 PM

Karlsruhe, 11, Kaiserpassage; Karlsruhe, Germany, 76133

About the event

2022 was a very difficult year for most people. For objective reasons, the way of life to which we have become accustomed has changed dramatically.


The DASARTI Art Gallery in Karlsruhe is opening the Exhibition entitled "KRAFT" on November 25, 2022.


The term "KRAFT" reveals categories such as: the power of the mind, the inner world of man - his dialog with the uniqueness of his soul and inner harmony - the relationship between "chaos" and "order".


Theoretically, man is a subject who makes his own decisions in the face of objective and subjective reality. This is where the "conscious" and the "unconscious" intertwine and are ultimately reborn as creativity, action, calm or restlessness.


The polyptych "Sehnsucht wie im Film" by Yelena Sindyeyeva (Olena Leitner) is painted horizontally and is reminiscent of scenes from an analog movie. The themes are not connected, but at the same time the compositional solutions of the individual canvases create a clear and strong story. A story about passion, about the desire to achieve one's goal and to realize one's hidden desires.


The series of works "Swing" by Olesia Rybchenko touches on the philosophical categories of "childhood", "masks", "human creativity" and "consciousness". The allegory of a child swinging on a swing shows the process of growing up and aging of a human being. Each successive action or event has a direct effect on a person's view of the world. At first the child is excited by the anticipation of the adventure, then there is a thrill of changing states, and then the child moves from the known and familiar movements of the swing to a stable state.


Harald Häuser's works are characterized by their frenetic originality. They are represented by two stylistically different groups. The first group is more exciting and sensual: "Equator" and "Love". The second, somewhat grotesque, is powerful and its images are symbolic, with the boldness and frenzy that characterize the sacred masks of ancient idols. Through the use of color, material and texture, the artist masterfully conveys the powerful human condition.


A series of graphic works "Dreams on Paper" by the young Ukrainian artist T (Valeriia Rybchenko) is produced in various artistic techniques using different materials: Paper, glass, ink, chains, pencil and acrylic. The theme is the artist's unusual dreams. Collage, inverted perspective and superficial layering of scenes and events are characteristic of the artist's work. After moving to Germany and continuing her studies at the Karlsruhe Art Academy, T became interested in and studied German folk tales and legends, and developed an interest in German art house and performance art.


The polyphonic polyphony of Kraft's meanings is captivating, leaving strong feelings on a non-verbal level to serve as a dose of inspiration in a troubled time of external coolness and restlessness.

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